GMAT – The Test, The Stress, The Perfect Result

Are you looking forward, towards building a successful career, in corporate management? Does hearing about the various successful B-school stories, make you dream too? Well, then the first step for you should be focusing on GMAT. Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is the test required for admissions into almost all the top business schools around the globe. Also, many business-related graduate and post-graduate educational programs, have placed GMAT scores very high on their admissions criteria’s. 

The GMAT Exam Schedule, is quite easy to understand. You can give GMAT, any time of the year and any day of the week. The important things to keep in mind are – 

  • You can write GMAT 5 times in a calendar year. 
  • There needs to be a 16-day gap between any of the 2 tests. 

GMAT is a Computer-Adaptive Test (CAT). The name of the test fits in, unlike many other examinations! The computer adapts itself while you take the test! This works for two of the four sections on the GMAT – Quantitative & Verbal Sections. Both the sections start with a random medium-level difficulty question. Each subsequent question is based upon the candidate’s performance up to that point. 

Reasons Why Students Score Low On GMAT 

Missing Out on Important Problem-Solving Strategies 

It’s not rocket science! The way you approached your exams when you were in school, college or university were different from one another. The same goes for GMAT, which is a standardized test. Candidates often forget, about acquiring the unique set of skills, and strategies required to efficiently and accurately solve questions. Candidates don’t use specific strategies, focusing on each question type. If they are aware of them, it would help to escape panic and errors. 

Exam Day Anxiety 

The main cause of exam day anxiety is under-preparedness apart from several others. No one wants to under prepare, but on the day of the exam it shows. “Freezing”, lack of concentration, forgetting strategies, etc. are some of the details. All these will result into low scores, on the GMAT examination. 

Unable to Identify & Address Weak Points 

Many-a-times, students are unaware of their strengths and weaknesses, till the time they come face-to-face with a low GMAT score. They don’t focus, on the practice tests and question sets. Every test you take, reveals your strong and weak areas. Candidates often ignore the weak parts, which are not comforting to look at! However, it’s the main reason for low-GMAT score. 

Not Able to Cover Every Topic 

Many aspirants, take the exam lightly and don’t focus on covering the whole syllabus thoroughly. In GMAT, you need to have command over every subject. No question or topic is easy for you to succeed. This can, either be, because they felt that they had a strong grip on the subject, when they didn’t! Or, their prep courses, made them exchange thoroughness for brevity. All this led to them skimming or not giving importance to certain topics, which ultimately resulted in a low GMAT score. 

Pacing Problem 

Lack of self-awareness, is the main cause of pacing problems, on the GMAT. Either one takes too long, to finish a section or finishes the exam before everyone else. Candidates, who only give mock tests without analyzing their performance, are often the ones who suffer from this. In the race, to appear for maximum practice tests, candidates remain unaware of their response time, to a certain set of questions. 

How to Score High On GMAT? 

Right Material 

There is a lot of material, available both online and offline for GMAT. But ,you should keep hunting, till the time, you match your specific requirement. However, dedication, discipline and hard work are as essential ,as finding the right material. To accomplish and help you,to achieve success, you should check out GMAC study material. The design of the study material, allows you to understand, the test as well as it’s format in a far efficient way. 

Knowing the task in hand, goes a long way in formulating any strategy. The right framework ,will always give strength to the structure. Start with the GMAT Quant topics, as they will inculcate a habit and feel for the examination. Move on to GMAT Verbal topics, after achieving the desired accuracy. Seek Professional Help, If Needed! 

Even though self-study is the way to succeed in any examination. Still, if you want to take the help of a professional tutor, go ahead. The important thing, is that the onus is still on you, to manage and prepare to your best ability. The GMAT tutor, will provide you professional advice. As they deal ,with the exam and its changes daily, they can give a thorough understanding. 

Formulate Strategy 

 (90% at least). Afterwards, give CR (Critical Reasoning) and RC (Reading Comprehension) their due respect and focus on them. 

Mock Tests 

Taking mock tests, is very important to reach the wanted destination on GMAT, i.e. high score! Mock or practice tests, helps one to identify their mistakes and topics, they are not at ease with. Also, it will help to mold you in the correct frame for taking GMAT. Assess, where you stand after appearing for every mock. This will help you to realize the status of your preparation. 

Registration for GMAT 

The registration for GMAT EXAMINATION, is a three-way process. Firstly, create a GMAT profile. After that comes scheduling the exam. End the registration, by paying the exam fees. 

As mentioned earlier and you probably know as well, it’s very easy to appear for GMAT round the year. You first completely immerse yourself in the preparation. After a certain point you will reach your target score. Then only you should register for your GMAT exam as soon as possible. 

Firstly, set a target date for GMAT test looking at the application deadline of your choice university, then completely immerse yourself in the preparation to achieve your targeted score. 

You Can’t Control It All! 

There’s a point of keeping this at last. After you have done everything within your power, and followed the above-mentioned tips, stop trying to control it. Nothing that you will do now, is going to help your case. Make sure, that you have all the documents, you need and don’t panic on the day of the examination. 

Be true to yourself, to begin with and that will reflect on your results. Keep following us, to know more about GMAT and all the related information